10 Stylish Cartoon Characters and Their Fashion Statements


There are runway models, fashion bloggers, and celebrities showing off whats in and what’s not. And then there are princesses and cartoon characters from animated films that give us a bit of inspiration about fashion when the real thing fails.

Know more about fashion through these stylish cartoon characters who are dressed either to impress or to save mankind from evil.

 1. Jessica Rabbit

Lady in red Ms. Jessica Rabbit hits all the right tunes with her body-hugging red long slit dress. The human wife of Roger Rabbit in the animated film Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a perfect image of a sensual singer at the Los Angeles supper club called the Ink and Paint Club.

Her sparkly dress is an iconic figure in today’s pop culture, and her monotonous style from head to toe is classic. And look at how she managed to pull off the color-block trend like a piece of cake by mixing red dress and purple gloves.

2. Sailor Moon

One of the biggest cartoon shows during the nineties is the anime series Sailor Moon. These five pretty guardians not only battle against the theft of the silver crystal and stop the destruction of the solar system, they also showed the world that schoolgirl ensemble in short skirts make the best fashion statement.

In this show, you can find all the things that little girls and teenagers are dying to have during the nineties—colorful boots, mini skirts, big bows, hair buns, and of course, one handsome Endymion in tuxedo suit.

3. Maleficent

All hail to the most stylish villain-recently-turned-hero—Maleficent. The name Maleficent means doing evil or harm; although a year ago, Angelina Jolie twisted her character and gave new meaning to her name.

Mistress of all evil, Maleficent perfected the purple eye shadows and red lips and gave the evil’s iconic horn symbol a stylish makeover.

4. Princess Jasmine of Alladin

Fictional character Princess Jasmine of the animated film Aladdin is introducing the Arabic fashion to the international fashion industry. Based on the character of Princess Badroulbadour in the Arabic folk tale Aladdin, Princess Jasmine is an Asian image who made the latest trend possible.

Whoever started the harem pants trend must be a very big fan of Princess Jasmine. Take cue from this lovely character on how to stylishly don a crop top and harem pants and accessorize the Arabian way.

5. Veronica Lodge

Before Cher of Clueless hit the theaters, there was Veronica Lodge of Archie Comics. The only daughter of the richest man in Riverdale, Veronica is a fashion enthusiast whose obsession includes shopping and spending.

Ranked 87th among the 100 Sexiest Women in Comics by Comics Buyer’s Guide, Veronica Lodge became a great fashion inspiration for fashion enthusiasts and made short black bangs iconic. Veronica is the girl who can wear everything and still manage to look good—from fishnet stockings, polka dots dress, string bikinis, and plaid skirts.

6. Elsa of Frozen

Queen Elsa of Arendelle is the product of reimagining the main character in Hans Christian Andersen’s 1937 fairy tale The Snow Queen. The 2013 movie Frozen, which tells the snow queen’s epic journey became the highest-grossing animated film of all time and won multiple awards from the Academy Awards, Golden Globe, Grammy’s, and BAFTA.

Swinging ice and snow has never been this stylish with the way Queen Elsa does it in the movie. She totally owned the look, and now every icy blue ensemble in the fashion scene is often associated to Elsa.

7. Catwoman

Killer looks, glossy suit in all-black ensemble—that’s Catwoman. She modeled one of the easiest and the chicest outfits anyone can pull off without too much effort.

8. Anastasia

The girl dancing her way to Chanel in France is obviously more than qualified to be in this list. Anastasia has countless of stunning outfits all throughout the movie, complete with glittering accessories

9. Wilma Flintstone

Before civilization, there’s The Flintstones. And before fashion icons and bloggers emerge, there is Wilma. She made the all-white ensemble divine, and she was totally rocking the Gatsby trend with her statement necklace.

10. Cruella De Vil

One of the most stylish villains of all time, Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians is the queen of fur. No one can pull off layered furs in one look like her, not to mention she is already sixty years old.

There is no telling what Walt Disney, Pixar, or other animation studios are going to present next, but we can’t wait to see the next fashion pieces that they are going to lay on the table. So perhaps, we should look forward to many more stylish characters that will hit the cinema anytime soon.

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Written by Holly Bissonnette

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