How to Sport Mirrored Sunglasses This Summer


In case you are not convinced, we are here to tell you that mirrored sunglasses are making a huge return this summer. You’ve seen them in Coachella. In the country, you saw them in almost every corner during Wanderland. So, it’s about time you start wearing this trend while out on your summer getaway.

To give you an idea on how to wear these mirrored sunglasses, we have rounded up local and international celebrities, who will show you how to spruce up your look with any pair of reflectors.


Beyonce certainly knows how to pull off any outfit, whether on stage or at the beach. Upgrade your sunglasses this summer with these purple reflectors and be vibrant, while out in the sun.

Martine Cajucom

From Los Angeles, Martine Cajucom teamed up with her cousin Georgina Wilson to create the brand “Sunnies” and one of their best selling pieces are mirrored sunglasses like this one, especially during this season.

Olivia Palermo

When you are into monochrome dressing, a pop of color would be a great fashion statement. Olivia Palermo shows you a perfect example on how to break out from your black and white uniform by accessorizing with blue mirrored glasses.

Georgina Wilson

Asia’s Next Top Model host Georgina Wilson is the leader when it comes to sunglasses. In fact, she is so obsessed with sunglasses that she launched her own line called “Sunnies” together with her cousins. In this photo, she is wearing the “Lindsay” sunnies from one of her collections.

Gwen Stefani

Not all mirrored comes in vibrant colors, just like this silver reflectors that Gwen Stefani is sporting together with her laid back tee and biker jeans. When you want to keep it chic but edgy, these glasses are definitely for you.

Myrtle Sarrosa

Cosplayer Myrtle Sarrosa is on for tropical prints this summer with pineapples and melons on her frock. And, she paired her summer ensemble with a cute and feminine pair of mirrored sunglasses.

Jessica Alba

While out in Santa Monica, California, Jessica Alba was spotted wearing mirrored wayfarers while out grabbing some healthy meals. Red absolutely is the new black and you can pair it with any colors you have in your closet.

Go and take off those pair of reflectors from their cases and sport them out. Give your eyes those summer vibes with the colors and style that come with this season’s biggest trend in sunglasses.

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Written by Holly Bissonnette

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