Would You Wear the Shoe Style That’s In This Summer?


Beyond doubt, gladiator sandals are hitting it big this year. They are literally everywhere—in the mall, when you step into a high fashion scene, and in TVs and print ads. Once worn by gods during ancient Rome, gladiators are now back with more variation and are available to anyone who wants to become a fashion queen this summer.

Before you begin to think of Russell Crowe’s Gladiator or reimagine Spartacus or reminisce Channing Tatum on a conquest to recover the eagle, check out these stunning gladiator sandals we collected for you and are reinvented to make you the “It girl” this summer.

 Suede Gladiator Sandals from H&M

Lo and behold, H&M’s burgundy gladiator sandals make every warrior princess fall on their knees. These knee-high sandals have concealed zip at the back for convenience, and it has a 4.5 cm heels to make you appear taller.

Seanna Flat Sandals from CLN

CLN doesn’t only have fabulous collections of bags, they also have equitably gorgeous selections when it comes to shoes and sandals. This pair of synthetic leather gladiators is a sure standout because of its jazzy look and vibrant blue color that will remind you of the beach.

Strap Cord Sandals from Mango

For less than two thousand pesos, you can have this strap cord gladiator sandals from Mango. It comes in light and pastel grey colors, and it’s made of chic snakeskin ensemble.

Semi-Gladiator Shoes from Primadonna

Step inside the stylish world of Primadonna, one of the country’s leading shoe store, with these lovely semi-gladiators. Primadonna recommends wearing these lovely slippers on music festivals along with your kimonos and messy hairdo.

Huller from Call It Spring

Give in to your gladiator appetite with this synthetic knee-length sandal from Call It Spring. It’s a multistrap wear with metallic buckles, which will surely give Xena a run for her money.

These reinventions of gladiator sandals that once redefined your status in the ancient society of Rome will redefine you style and fashion choices this summer. So back to the question, are you brave enough to step up your fashion game and wear gladiators this season? With these, guess you will be.

Would You Wear the Shoe Style That's In This Summer? by

Written by Holly Bissonnette

A marketing writer for several years, I have recently shifted my focus into entertainment. I have been working as a freelance writer for Explore Talent for more than a year now.

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