Filipina Meranie Gadiana Rahman for Mrs. World 2019


This Filipina model-philanthropist just made waves in the world of beauty pageants as she is set to represent the Philippines in Mrs. World 2019, which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on December 6. Meranie Gadiana Rahman, who is currently based in Hawaii, will be competing against 80 other married women from around the world after winning Mrs. World Philippines in Paris on October 22. 

Filipina Meranie Gadiana Rahman to Compete in Mrs. World 2019

Who is Meranie Gadiana Rahman?

Born and raised in Cagayan De Oro, Meranie Gadiana Rahman has been running for pageants ever since she was little. Some of the titles she has held are Mrs. GAWAD America Universe 2019, Mrs. Hawaii 2019, Ms. Terno 2018, Mrs. Oahu United States 2018, Mrs. USA Global International 2019, Mrs. Hawaii Transcontinental 2019, and many more. She has graced various runway shows and has appeared in blogs and magazine covers as a print model for local and international photographers. She is also an avid dancer, recently performing a rumba-samba combo with her coach, international dance champion Jaime Lucas. 

meranie gadiana rahman

A graduate of hotel and restaurant management and tourism, Meranie works as an account manager in her husband’s clinic. Her husband, Dr. Inam Rahman, an American who was born in Pakistan, is an American Board certified physician in internal medicine and diabetes. They have a two-year-old son named Jaleel. “I am dedicated to my precious son and wife to a very supportive and an amazing husband who is a medical doctor and also my pageant coach.”

Postpartum depression and advocacy

She began taking beauty pageants more seriously after she experienced postpartum depression, a mood disorder that affects some women after childbirth, making it difficult for the mother to complete daily care activities for themselves or for others. “One day, my husband suggested that I run for a pageant, and I followed his advice. To my surprise I started to heal while we were practicing Q&A because of the positive nature of all the answers. Now I am completely recovered and it has become my mission to inspire and empower women. . . I started to see my life as a glass half full instead of half empty. Today I am a very happy woman.”

“Mrs World is one of the most prestigious pageants in the world and it is more about inner beauty. In addition, it gives me a greater voice to promote my advocacy of postpartum depression and fight against drug abuse,” said Meranie Gadiana Rahman in an interview.


To further her advocacy on postpartum depression, Rahman founded her own non-profit organization called the You Are Loved Foundation for Postpartum Depression. “I started the work on foundation in December 2018. I am also against drug abuse because it destroys families, especially our children. I love children. They are our future,” said Rahman.

Mrs. World 2019

When she competes in Mrs. World in December, Rahman would be wearing a national costume and evening gowns that she personally designed.

“I love my costumes and evening gowns,” Meranie said. “Most of them are designed by me and are made in the Philippines. However, the beauty of a dress is expressed by how you carry it beside the design.”

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