4 Male Fashion Bloggers You Should Be Following

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It’s not just women who are front-running the fashion industry. Men too are making their own name in the cutthroat world of fashion. For some of them, building an online profile is the best way to do it. To celebrate them, When in Manila rounded up a list of Pinoy male fashion bloggers who have been sharing helpful fashion tips to their followers online.

Here are four of them.

Male Fashion Bloggers to Follow Now

1. Miko Carreon



Also known as the bloggers, Style Architect, Michael Marqueses Carreon or Miko for short has been blogging since 2011 but switched to microblogging via Instagram in 2014 and started a YouTube channel in 2018. He has collaborated with different brands like Zalora, Uniqlo, Adidas, and Bench. 

When asked about his style inspiration, Miko said, “My style’s inspired from different hybrid cultures and inspirations I’ve been through in my life. sometimes I can be preppy, sometimes I love wearing sporty outfits, sometimes I love wearing hip-hop urban street styles and sometimes I just wear something I can see inside my closet and just work it out. I guess my personal style is not how I style myself in a certain kind of way but how I carry these different styles and inspire others. I even sometimes mix both styles in one.”

2. Ira Giorgetti

Fashion Bloggers


A Bloggers and photographer, Ira Giorgetti is based in West London and has collaborated with major brands like Revlon, Toni&Guy, Disney, and Durex. He runs a website called Studio Giorgetti where he shares his latest photography work.

Asked about his style, Ira replied to When in Manila, “My personal style is a modest blend of eclectic and functional, with classic silhouettes matched with wild colors and accessories. I try my best never to constrain myself to any single particular style, although I draw a lot of inspiration from punk, millennial pop culture, and a little bit of goth tossed into the mix. I often try to mix and match my styles between time periods, and I sometimes theme my looks according to my current interests (could be anything from a special kind of Japanese burger to an episode of American Horror Story!) If I had to pick my favorite designers, they would have to be Gareth Pugh, Riccardo Tisci, and Christopher Bailey.”

3. Lance de Ocampo


A social media influencer, Lance de Ocampo is not only a fashion guru but also a bloggers who runs a YouTube channel where he shares snippets of his daily life. His following describes his fashion as mature, which the Instagrammer takes as a compliment.

Here’s what he says about his style: “My personal style is very random. I don’t have specific style, like I’m not focusing into basics, dapper look, and other looks. Some people say that my look is very versatile. Because as you can see on my blog my styles are mixed up. But most of the time, my style is more on street style. Not too edgy at the same time not too basic. Because I like layering clothes and mix it with few prints to make the whole look happy and not look boring.”

4. David Guison

Fashion Bloggers


On his website, David Guison introduces himself as the founder of the top fashion blog DG Manila. On his blog, he talks about anything under the sun like his trips, food, but puts emphasis on fashion. He has collaborated with over 200 local and international brands including Lacoste, H&M, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Topman, and Ford.

David is a little thrifty, sharing, “I’m a big fan of mixing high and low pieces together. I love a good challenge so I often go to thrift stores (ukay ukay) to shop for clothes. Take this baseball jersey for example which I got for only 50 pesos! Such a steal right? This concept started when I was in college when I wouldn’t have enough money to shop for clothes since all of my allowance would always go to buying food lol. I started buying from ukay ukay stores, department stores etc!”

About his personal style, David tells When in Manila, “My personal style is a fusion of preppy and rugged. I like going for structured, well-tailored clothing and mixing them with grungy pieces.”


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