Filipino Designers That Are Shaking Up the Fashion Industry


Fashion is a global multibillion-dollar industry that holds so much power and influence. All over the world, it generates millions of jobs and stimulates many countries’ economies. Such a gigantic industry owes its global force to one of its pillars: designers. Without fashion designers and their precious creations, this multibillion-dollar global business would easily collapse. On our own shores, we also have Filipino fashion designers who keep the fashion scene exciting and help to shine the global spotlight on Filipino artistic talent.

With that said, we think it’s about time to recognize and pay homage to some of the must-watch Filipino designers who are making their country proud:

Filipino Designers That Are Headlining the Local Fashion Industry

Monique Lhuillier 

Filipino Designers


We start this list with one of the most well-known Filipino fashion designers on the global stage: Monique Lhuillier. She grew up in Cebu City, also known as the Queen City of the South and an area that is well known for its thriving artistic scene. Nowadays, she is based in New York, where she runs her own brand of bridal dresses and ready-to-wear clothing. Her clientele consists of the crème de la crème of the Hollywood scene—superstars such as Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Emma Stone, and even Michelle Obama have worn her designs. 

Furne One

Filipino Designers


Not much is known in the media about Furne One, one of the famous Filipino designers who runs his own successful haute couture brand from his base in Dubai. That could be because Furne keeps to himself most of the time and rarely speaks in public, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t widely celebrated the world over as one of the best designers, boasting a clientele that includes the likes of Katy Perry and Beyoncé. One mark of Furne One is that even in his creations for Hollywood A-listers, he makes sure to pay homage to his Southeast Asian roots by making use of sustainable materials from the region. 

Rajo Laurel 



Rajo Laurel comes from the distinguished Laurel clan, a famous and prestigious political family in the Philippines. As the family’s oldest son, he was expected to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors, but in a surprising move, he entered the fashion designing industry instead. He started by designing clothes in the basement of his grandmother’s house, but since then, he has grown his company into a massive business that brings in over $1 million in profit. He is also the go-to designer for many famous Filipino celebrities such as Regine Velasquez, Maja Salvador, Kylie Versoza, and the like. 

Mich Dulce

Filipino Designers


The millennial generation is a generation of multihyphenates, but perhaps nobody embodies this better than Mich Dulce herself, the one of the Filipino designers who wears many hats—she is an actress, singer, and designer—and who literally creates hats through her own millinery brand. Her stylish hats have been worn by the likes of Lady Gaga and Leighton Meester on the famous show Gossip Girl, but despite her success, Mich has never forgotten her Filipino roots. She makes sure that all her pieces are made with traditional and sustainable materials from the local T’boli tribe of the Philippines. 

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