How to Layer Clothes This Summer without Appearing Awkward


While tank tops and shorts are commonly seen in the streets of a tropical country like Philippines, some fashion enthusiasts dared to wear winter pieces and layered wardrobes yet managed to look breezy and summer-ready.

Let us take cues on the following ensembles and be inspired on how they pull of layer clothing outfits for this season.

Short Suit

This pair of cover-up and shorts is an amazing ensemble that you can wear this summer. They make you look cute, feminine, and fresh.


Liz Uy shows us how to layer clothing printed shirts with cover-ups on her Island Souvenir campaigns.

Varsity Jackets

Taylor Swift totally nailed this varsity look with her navy-blue-and-mustard-colored  varsity jacket on top of her casual shirt and her mustard-colored shorts.

Long Vest

Long vests are really hard to mix and match, but Laureen Uy effortlessly pulled off the look with this earth-toned ensemble while on a vacation in Sentosa.

Prints over Prints

Summer is all about colors and prints. Mixing prints would be a very great idea this summer. Pair a printed blazer on top of your printed top and keep it low key with your solid-colored bottoms.

The secret to perfectly layer clothing this summer is to stick with lightweight fabrics, light knits, and soft cottons in sleeveless and shorts or comfortable jeans. Run the risk, layer clothing on, and make summer your fashion adventure.

How to Layer Clothes This Summer without Appearing Awkward by

Written by Holly Bissonnette

A marketing writer for several years, I have recently shifted my focus into entertainment. I have been working as a freelance writer for Explore Talent for more than a year now.

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