How to Pull Off the Newest Sequined Street Styles

When you think sequins are only for Oscar moments or for beauty pageants, you are definitely wrong. You can actually add some razzle-dazzle to your day by pulling off the newest sequined street styles in broad daylight, while you are out shopping, malling or spending time with your friends.

Let these photos inspire you and give your street styling a taste of splendor.

1. Pair a Sequin Skirt with a Sweater

This is not to endorse Kenzo sweaters but surely Kenzo did a great job to make this fabulous sequined skirt work on the street. TV host and Glamour magazine editor Andy wore this during the 2012 New York Fashion Week and since then, sequins has become a staple for every fashion blogger around the globe.

2. Stripe It with a Twist of Sequins

Stripe prints are one of the classic prints that never go out of style, just like florals and animal prints. Paris Fashion Week gave us a perfect example of how to make stripes even sassier with this patriotic flag top made of sequins.

3. Give Your Sneakers a Makeover

Spotted by Forever21’s blog correspondent during New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 is this pair of sparkly sneakers on the street. If you want to make a fashion statement without being on the front line, this one is for you.

4. Spice Up Your Leggings

When fur meets sequins, the outcome is high fashion, and no, it is not just because model Jessica Hart wore it or because she wore an Isabel Marant leggings and fur blazer together. But, it is because the leggings deserve more than just being an option for your gym classes and yoga sessions.

5.Wear a Set of Monochromatic Sequined Outfit

Editor and creative consultant of Vogue Japan Anna Dello Russo literally sparkled in this green Dolce and Gabbana dress set, which was also worn by actress Andrea Riseborough while attending the Toronto Film Festival.

6. Cover Up in Sparkles

Actress Blake Lively always step out of her door with the kind of fashion sense that would have made her Gossip Girl character Serena van der Woodsen. She brought the Gossip Girl panache into her real life, she wore this over-sized Jason Wu sequined blazer on top of her casual button down shirt and shorts.

7. Carry a Sequin Clutch

Asos is surely making good money from this cute beaded iridescent clutch. Carolina Engman nailed the look after accessorizing her blue printed cashmere top and black skirt with the show-stopping clutch.

8. Give your Top a Splash of Color

Fashion and interior designer as well Song of Style blogger Aimee Song totally rocked this cameo sequined top with her Joe jeans. A familiar face during New York Fashion Weeks, Song works with luxurious pieces and blends them into street styling with no sweat.

9. Keep it Short and Simple

One of the greatest trendsetters ever born in the entire planet is Olivia Palermo. Beyond her pretty face and her influence, socialite and fashion icon Olivia Palermo makes every red carpet pieces wearable by everybody, just like the bold beaded jacket she donned above with a pair of sequined shorts.

10. Go for Sequined Embroidered Pieces

When you are a person who doesn’t want to attract any attention at all by wearing sequined ensembles or pieces, you can always opt to go for wardrobes with sequined embroideries like these colorful jackets. You can also take cue from Taylor Swift’s Love potion shirt.

 So, go ahead. Do not be afraid to put on a little glam to your street style by adding a touch of sequins to your outfit.

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Written by Holly Bissonnette

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