Why Your Makeup Doesn’t Last All Day and How to Make It Stick


A lot of us struggle with going home haggard and disheveled despite entering the office like a bombshell. All that makeup that got you late for work and it didn’t even last you till your last break! Did you invest in the right brands? Is your technique wrong? Should you try other products? Here’s why your makeup doesn’t last all day.

Reasons Your Makeup Doesn’t Last Long




If you’re like many of us, all that stress and humidity from the daily commutes can cause major makeup meltdowns. But it isn’t just the sun; sometimes the moist winds and (obviously) the rain take the products off. Stay indoors as much as possible and always carry an umbrella.


We all know that hitting the gym will melt your makeup. If you’ve ever gone to a summer wedding, you’ll also understand the challenge of trying to look daisy fresh while beating the heat. Sweat obviously mixes with makeup and melts the products away, and blotting just erases them even more.




We hear you, oily-skinned sisters! While we’re lucky we won’t get wrinkles early, excessively oily skin is a challenge to makeup lovers. Makeup wears off faster on oily or moist surfaces, so that means you’ll have to be investing in the right products for your skin type.


Maybe it’s time you recheck what skin type you really have. All this time, you could be using the wrong makeup for your skin needs. There are brands that offer mattifying, moisturizing, waterproof, or anti-aging products. If you’re skimping on the budget and are buying lesser quality makeup from cheap brandless stores, we’re sorry to say that the makeup you’re using doesn’t have the staying power of better-quality brands. In fact, some of these products could be dangerous to your health. If you want to stick with cheap alternatives, look up product reviews from sisters with the same skin type as you.

Expired makeup

Has it been years since you bought your trusty old mascara? It may be worth checking the expiration dates on all your dusty, crumbly products. Beauty writer Shannon Farrell said on Woman’s Day, “Old makeup not only works less efficiently—it can do major damage to your skin.” Next time, use this as an excuse to shop for new makeup!

So How Do You Make Your Makeup Last All Day?



Skin care

If you don’t have the right skin care routine for your skin type or don’t practice any skin care routine at all, your makeup will stick to the extra layer of sebum and dirt on your face and quickly wear off as your skin continues to be exposed to the elements throughout the day. Imagine painting or sticking wallpaper to a dirty, dusty wall. 

The best way to give makeup some staying power is to implement good skincare so that you’re starting with the ideal canvas: your bare skin. Use products best suited for your skin type to cleanse, tone, and moisturize every day. Exfoliate once or twice a week to get rid of dead skin. This is because religiously caring for your skin creates a smooth, clean surface for makeup. 


Bridget March, Cosmopolitan beauty editor, says that primer seals in your moisturizer. This makeup essential also provides a smoother and more even surface for your makeup and keeps your makeup from being absorbed into your pores. Primers also come in different formulas, so choose the brands that best work with your skin type to ensure you achieve the best results. There are also primers that can hide imperfections, fight signs of aging, provide sun protection, or mattify oily skin.

If you’ll be applying some eyeshadow for the day and want that masterpiece to last, use eye primers. These create a surface for eyeshadow to show its true pigment, blend easier, and avoid smudging or creasing.



Right products

This doesn’t get stressed enough, so we’ll reiterate this here. Do your homework. Know your skin type and look up brands and products best suited for you. There are products formulated for acne-prone skin, excessively oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, combination skin, and many others. Browse for reviews, ratings, and reactions for products you’re planning to get so you don’t waste a penny.

Also, a good brand may not hold true to its promise of being the best brand for you in all its products. You may regard their foundation as your holy grail, but their powder may disappoint you. Research thoroughly, and after a few wrong decisions, you’ll find the best brand and product for you.

Waterproof variants

If you’ve started with eye primer, you’re already ahead of the game in the battle against smudging eye makeup. Pick the waterproof, smudge-proof, bleed-proof variants when buying mascara, eyeliner, and dipbrow pomade. If you prefer a pencil liner for a softer look, opt for a waterproof one and set it with a similar-colored shadow or powder.

Follow up the whole eye makeup look with a light dusting of a translucent setting powder.



Lip liners

Pick long-lasting lip products. Almost every brand has a long-wear version, so you’re sure to find your favorite shade.

Lip liners can really up your long-wear game by keeping lipstick from migrating outward onto the skin. Or make friends with reverse lining. This step includes using a concealer or nude liner to trace the outside edge of the lips which creates a barrier and prevents color bleeding.

Setting makeup

Seal your entire work with a layer of setting powder or setting spray. This holds everything in place. However, skip the big, fluffy powder brush and use a smaller powder brush instead. Hair and makeup artist Andrea Claire suggests using your setting powder sparingly. “I use the tiniest amount, you can barely see it on my brush.”

Finally, finish with a setting spray. Setting sprays are a makeup artist’s favorite finishing touch especially for a client that has an all-day event. It not only can refresh your makeup but it also seals your makeup for a very natural look that lasts all day. Setting sprays are so popular now that there’s an array of different formulations that mattify, hydrate, and even have illuminating pigments to promote a glow.

You’re welcome and have fun!


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