Make That Morena Skin Glow with These Style Tips


Fashion and beauty, especially in this generation’s sensibilities, have no rules. What’s considered important today is self-love. But flattering looks were created with a color palette and a specific aesthetic in mind. Colors especially are tricky to work with for the untrained eye. It’s even harder for sunkissed Filipinas. We all grew up discouraged to wear certain colors simply because we are not fair-skinned enough and because we were told we might end up looking silly. But worry no more. Clothing today comes in a variety of shades that help morenas serve looks and slay the day.

Here are style tips to help you love your skin the way it is.

Style Tips to Make Morena Skin Glow and Look Even More Beautiful

The right makeup shades

Morena Skin Glow


Until today, Filipino mainstream media and society find fair skin more appealing than the native golden tan. This can still be seen in the flourishing skin whitening industry prevalent in the local market. However, thanks to the body positivity movement, more makeup shades are now made available for every morena. Back then, salesladies in department stores would tell you, “Ma’am, mas gusto kasi ng mga Pinay yung maputing shade.”

Today there’s no excuse to be ashamed of your Filipina skin. No more looking like a clown. Brands everywhere are producing makeup products for everyone of every skin type and every skin color.

Earthy tones

Morena Skin Glow


Earth tones are every morena’s best friend. For many years, style tips

experts around the world agree that earthy colors are every morena’s best friend. And it does make sense. Browns and creams look great against darker skin, and greens add a nice pop of color into your ensemble. One-color that comes highly recommended is olive. It looks awesome on pants, jackets, blouses, chokers, eyeshadows, or shorts. Try mixing and matching neutral shades like cream with darker yet still slightly muted hues like moss and behold the sight you’ll see in the mirror.


Morena Skin Glow


Neutral colors always work for any kind of skin tone. From beige and apricot to taupe or khaki, neutrals are a universal color everyone can enjoy. Even peach and cream look lovely on golden skin. Start your own brown color spectrum with a few brown, cream, and white pieces. The brown colors against a natural tan easily create a soft but mesmerizing look.

All white

Morena Skin Glow



When in doubt, an all-white outfit will never let you down for a fresh and clean look that’s sure to make your skin look richer. People assume that white outfits make morenas look darker, but it doesn’t really matter if you look lighter or darker because that is how adaptable your skin tone range is. Whites enhance tans or simply enrich complexion. Whites are especially a lovely shade to complement summer tanned morenas on the beach.

All black

Morena Skin Glow


Like neutrals, black is a universally flattering color for all skin tones. An all-black ensemble particularly brings out the golden undertones of tanned beauties. Imagine the power and confidence that an all-black outfit commands when it is worn by a brown-skinned woman in high heels walking by.


Morena Skin Glow



Between black and white, there’s gray. All three will serve you well, beautiful brown sister. A light or dove gray suits morena skin best as pale gray shades offer a softer contrast against tan skin. If you’ve scrolled down on enough Instagram feeds these days, you’ll definitely see local celebrities sporting light gray pants or light gray jackets. Those tips with fair and porcelain skin tones are the ones who should try darker shades of gray that are closer to black.


Morena Skin Glow


There’s an unwritten (and obsolete) rule for morenas to avoid bright colors like yellow or orange as they tend to dull down your complexion. The easy fix around this if you’re the sunny type? Try out colors in their paler shades. Elevate your sunkissed glow by throwing on a denim jacket in a pale blue wash. If you’re not up for an attention-grabbing OOTD, opt for soft pastels like a millennial pink ensemble or a buttercup yellow dress. 

Vintage hues

Morena Skin Glow


No one can rock mustard, burnt orange, rusty red, rose, or cherry red better than morenas! Warm orange tones deliciously complement the sun-kissed complexion of morenas. Wine red looks amazing on the golden tan of morenas too. Opt for a powerful red piece and a bold red lipstick for a look that screams independence and authority from a dangerous woman. And don’t forget mustard or sunflower yellows. Golden hour, brown skin, and bright yellows: the perfect combination not only for an Instagram feed but also in real life. Yellow flatters morena and tanned skin with how alive it looks and blends perfectly well. 

Now go slay, Queen.

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