Powerful Runway-Approved Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for 2020

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Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and you haven’t picked yourself an outfit! Option paralysis? We’ve got your back, but these outfits won’t let you stay on the safe side. Wear the year 2020 to your date because why not? We’re ensuring killer, sophisticated, up-to-date, runway-approved outfits on this list. We don’t want your overthinking to end up with you looking like everybody else, don’t we?

Sophisticated Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for Women of 2020


Valentine's Day


This year is the year of faux leather in any shape and color. Whether you want to try leather in mustard, pink, plum, or aqua, 2020 is making that available for you. But nothing still beats the classic and timeless black in matte or gloss. Try on a leather dress or a pair of leather pants. Finish the look with leather boots and a leather bag. Better yet, an all-leather ensemble will have you looking like a badass winner. 

Puffed sleeves

The puff-sleeve trend has been growing for the past few seasons, and there seems to be no signs of it going away anytime soon. Own this iconic 2020 trend your way for Valentine’s Day by pairing a puff-sleeve top with high-waisted shorts or skirts. Puffed sleeves are adorning contemporary-looking midi dresses as well. This look is big on Shopee now, and they don’t cost a fortune. Some come in prints, mesh sleeves, or long sleeves if you don’t want to be looking plain for your dinner date. But trust us, even a plain lavender puff-sleeved top looks pretty enough.

Polka dots

Valentine's Day


If you thought polka dots belong to your grandma’s rockabilly dress, the pattern has reemerged for the beginning of the new decade. Dotted coordinates are looking good, and if you wish, you may combine this pattern with the other 2020 trends on this list. A dotted puff-sleeved bodycon dress, perhaps? Finish the outfit off with block heels and a beret, and you’ll scream youth and sophistication.


With the current ’60s or ’70s pop culture revivals, you’re either going big or going home with blazers this year, and on Valentine’s Day, either way would be ideal (wink, wink). Popular variations of the trend include blazers worn with high-waisted bottoms or suit jackets styled with crop tops or bras underneath. The pieces will be lovely in matching colors or patterns, and tinted sunnies and strappy heels will complete this look, giving you both a sexy and successful aura.

Trench coats



The cold, rainy season of Valentine’s Day makes it perfect and reasonable to unearth the statement trench coat you snagged from a vintage store. The beautiful thing had been gathering dust for a long time now (we can’t blame you), but thanks to 2020, its time to shine has come. Perhaps pair with a knitted turtleneck bodycon dress and a pair of sock boots for a date-after-work outfit. Go for an all-red ensemble if you can; it’s going to be head-turning.

Powerful Runway-Approved Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for 2020 by

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