How to Launch a Career as a Freelance Model: Tips for Beginners

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Getting a job in today’s world can be tough. Sometimes, you need to have an Atty. or Dr. in your name to get a decent nine-to-five. But thankfully, the working world isn’t all about prefixes and suffixes. For those whose best asset is their physical appearance, there’s an industry which they can market themselves to and build a career from: modeling.

Being a model, however, isn’t all glitz and glamour like how some people perceive it to be. It isn’t all about sparkling dresses and wine parties. It isn’t just about striking poses and flashing smiles. It’s more than just what magazines tell you it is all about. Modeling requires hard work, commitment, and passion. 

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Because being a successful model is a long process that has no shortcut. And the first thing you need to know: it’s hard to look for a gig. If you are signed with an agency, you can just sit idly and wait till they call you up and tell you there’s somewhere you need to go to for a job. But the thing about signing with an agency is that your pay will have to be divided between you and the agency. Moreso, there’s a standard you have to meet to be part of their roster. Now that’s something you don’t want to live with for a long time.

This is why some models switch to freelance modeling.

In the freelance model, you can look however you want. And when you get a job, the pay is all yours. Basically, you are taking modeling into your own hands. But then again, as a freelance model, you need to look for your own job, you need to do the marketing all by yourself, and you need to reach out to productions yourself just to get a job.

As you are the one who’ll be selling yourself, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind before diving into the world of freelance models. But worry not, as we prepared some tips for you.

Freelance Modeling: Tips for Beginners

1. Invest in yourself.

Freelance Model


In freelance modeling, all you have is yourself, so invest in it. Go to the gym all the time to achieve the body you want to have. This will cost you, as gyms have monthly subscription fees, but it will all be worth it in the end. You can have yourself undergo facial treatments too, if you see the need for them.

Sign up for confidence enhancement classes. Being confident is one of the main traits modeling requires. If you shy away from cameras and tend to curl when there are people around you, then maybe modeling isn’t the industry for you. But if you want to proceed, then take classes that will help boost your confidence. You can enroll in acting workshops as well.

Take communication courses too. As you need to do networking yourself as a freelance model, you will need to learn how to communicate. Invest in communication programs to improve your talking skills. 

2. Market yourself online.


Build a website, open social media accounts, and create an online portfolio. Building a profile online is one of the best ways to get your name out there. Most agents are lurking on social media platforms, looking for the best face for their clients. So do not forget to create an account on Twitter, Facebook, Medium, YouTube, and most importantly, Instagram. Once you’ve created these accounts, do not forget to update them regularly with your most recent photographs. Tag them accordingly to get it to a wider audience.

As to your website and online portfolio, store photos on them, and list there your physical attributes, from your weight to your height and size. Update them regularly too, especially your past experiences as a model. Clients will want to know whom you’ve worked with and what kind of products or editorials you’ve posed for.

3. Attend public events.

Freelance Model


Networking is important as a freelance model, so never hesitate to attend public events like conventions, trade shows, and other events that are attended by models. This way, you can widen your network and who knows you might meet someone who’s been looking for a model like you. If someone expresses interest, make sure to give them your contact info on which they can reach you.

Here’s another thing that is worth noting: do not forget to look your best when attending public events. Pay attention to your demeanor too. You don’t have to wear evening gowns, but be presentable, at the very least. You don’t know when a modeling agent is around, so it always pays to look your best even when you think nobody is looking.  

4. Develop good habits.

Once you get a job, it is important that you show professionalism, or else, there won’t be a next time. 

Freelance Model


First and foremost, be punctual. You don’t want to waste anybody’s time, so if you are told to arrive at this particular hour, be there half an hour early or at least 15 minutes before call time. In the modeling business, every hour is paid hour, so do not waste their time and money by being tardy. Secondly, be respectful, polite, and courteous to everybody you meet at work, may it be the janitor or the utility boy who’s in charge of carrying equipment. Even they are an important part of the job, so show them some kindness and some professionalism. Lastly, make it a habit to respond to messages from clients immediately. Do not have them wait for your response. You are the one who needs this thing to work, so be professional enough to respond to emails and text messages on time. Remember, they can always look for another model, but you can’t just find another client as easily as you change clothes.

5. Be true to yourself.

Be honest with yourself and with your clients. Reassess your physical features and see where you fit. There’s no point in trying to get a job as a runway freelance model if you are not tall. But you can always look for jobs that only require headshots. Embrace your strengths but do so with your weaknesses as well. Your imperfections make you who you are, so do not block them or ignore them. Capitalize on them, if you can.


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