How to Build a Social Media Presence for Models

In the modeling industry, clients look for talents with strong online presence and models with many followers to roll out their campaign. At the same time, they use social media platforms to discover fresh faces and competent individuals to represent their brand, thus it is very important that as you go forward with your modeling career, you find your unique proposition and make a pitch on your social media platform so you can maximize your opportunities.

Provide a solid social media presence that will showcase your talent and you ability as a model and make your ace in the industry by following the tips below.

1. Set Your Goals

Social media helps you create your credibility and reach out to the prospects who want to hear about you and your potential as a model. But before you start building a social media presence, you need to set your goals on what you want to achieve with your online presence and learn which social media platform works best for you.

As a model, your goal is to increase the social traffic in your page to generate more leads and create awareness that would eventually lead you to landing modeling jobs. Your social media presence as a model is not to tag yourself to your circle of friends and stay within your community but to reach out to your potential clients and display your qualifications.

Though number of followers does not technically prove that you are hitting your goal, it is still one of the gestures that you are getting attention into your page so you have to focus on building your own fan base as it would make it easier for you to break in to the cut-throat industry of modeling.

Make sure you have the basic outline before you start working your social media platforms like a professionally written biography, a well-crafted modeling portfolio with high quality photos, an impressive resume, contact form and information, and if applicable, records of your achievements like modeling work shops or your runway catwalk during one of your modeling gigs. You will need these information in your social media sites to create consciousness to your readers and followers as to your credentials as a model.

2. Create Social Media Accounts

Now that you have set your goals and prepared the things you need to establish a modeling online presence, the next step is to create social media accounts and put your plans into actions. Remember that your goal is not just for social networking but for social discovery.

Ellen Adarna, a Cebuano model, became an internet sensation because of the photos she uploaded in a networking site. Her photos were reposted by many of her followers and her account was faked for over 20 times but this eventually led her to show business and became one of the sexiest celebrities in the local entertainment industry.

Before you move forward and create a social media account that would give you the chances to present your talent and your credentials, choose the social media platform that would best work for you and the career you want to pursue. Micro- blogging sites, publishing tools, photo and video sharing sites and social networks are some of the social media platforms that you can join to make your pitch as a model. How would you choose which platform works for you? Start with the Big Four – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.


With over 1.3 billion users around the globe, Facebook is the largest social networking site and this is where you takeoff. On average, one Facebook member is connected to eighty pages, groups or events so when you want to build your online presence and showcase your potential, start here.


Twitter is another common place for social networking with more than five hundred million active users as of December 2014. Though this site is considered a brand loyalty platform rather than a lead generation network, Twitter is still considered a place full of potential for aspiring models. Increase your chances for social discovery with the hash tag or the pound sign on your tweets to funnel you to the things that would allow you to promote your talent.


LinkedIn has more than two hundred million users and it has been reported that every second, two people join the network. LinkedIn is a business oriented social network place that gives equal opportunities to businessmen, company oriented individuals, professionals and freelance talents  to discover and get discovered.

Create your professional image as a model in LinkedIn and let them do their job in finding the right people for you and the connections you have with them.


Known to be the game changer in the face of social media, Google+ becomes a powerful tool for social interaction and collaboration that allows you to connect with other people with the same interest. As a model who wants to make a name in the industry, having a group of people who shares the same passion would be a great place for you to learn and grow.

As a model, you need to join other social media platforms that would help you gain more audience and give you higher chances to be identified in the industry aside from the Big Four. Some of the highly recommended social media platforms that would give you more visible online presence are photo and video sharing sites and publishing tools.


Instagram is a social media outlet with heavy image composition. Visual content in social media can hook up most internet users and this is where most models thrive to display their images in a picturesque posts.


Used to be labeled as a platform for women, Pinterest evolved to become one of the most popular social media sites that holds great potential for models to build an online presence. It is visually entertaining like Instagram, it is flexible, and customizable that would definitely increase interactivity.


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world that reaches more people compared to cable networks in the U.S. As a model, YouTube is a promising site where you can reach out to your prospect audience with your videos. It allows you to display your catwalk recordings, modeling videos, your promotional films and materials or your videographic resume as a model.

Publishing Tools

Filipino fashion blogger BryanBoy didn’t get a contract with “America’s Next Top Model” by simply playing with social media networks. Jacobs did not name a bag after him if he was just tweeting and posting photos in Instagram. He skyrocketed his way to the international center stage because he has an interesting blog with over two hundred fifty followers.

So if you want to seriously take your career in the next level, get your own domain and make your own page.

3. Focus on your Content

Now that you have your social media sites on track, find out how to bring traffic to your pages. Bring in human audiences to your site and constant followers because subsequently, these believers would be your online publicists and this will extremely boost your social media presence.

Social media can make your reputation so strive on inviting contents and crafty posts on your platform. Display relevant images in your Facebook and make sure to be consistent on all your sites. Make your photos catch people’s attention as they scroll through their feeds by posting only quality pictures and never leave spam messages to your audience’ timelines.

Choose engaging words when you tweet, display your passion in Pinterest and make your contents visually captivating in Instagram. Leverage your content in your blog and find the balance between your photos and texts so you can send a clear message to your audience on what you want to achieve.

Lastly, think of the things that your followers and readers would want you to publish so you can keep up with their interest along the way, make sure however that your content matches your goal. The more traffic you drive to your platform, the stronger your social media presence becomes, and the more chances for you to be recognized as a model.

 4. Engage

Every second, millions of people around the world are doing queries and making posts in the social media, if you have social media sites, you have a chance at appearing in social media search results. But for you create a strong online presence, you need to consistently engage with your audience. While you focus on posting interesting things and quality contents on your social media sites, it is also important to be a part in conversations relevant to the industry you want to thrive with.

You can tag your Facebook friends when you make a significant post or share posts from celebrities and supermodels and repost interesting modeling pieces to your audience to build influence, reliability and online relationship. You can participate in Twitter chats on relative subjects or engage with members in LinkedIn who are interested or have business with modeling industry.

Be creative when responding to inquiries, tweets and posts and learn how to respond with public criticisms and censured comments on your platform and if appropriate, you can join online communities like forums and participate in threads to get across potential modeling jobs.

Also ask your audience to engage by throwing questions and asking feedbacks. People naturally like to share their opinions and wants to be heard so take advantage and listen to them. When you engage, people will notice and value your engagement with other members of the community and you can build your visibility online, grow your fan base, and establish your credibility as a model.

 5. Update

The best way to stay active online is to keep your social media platform updated. Social media sites that are not updated can be easily ignored so post frequently and do it consistently.

Plan on the frequency with which you engage with your users, schedule your posts twice or once a week set limits on your tweets a day, it is good to engage but do not over engage. Try posting in Facebook different times in a day and on different days so you can identify when or what time of the day your audience is best receiving your posts and what kind of contents they are most receptive to.

Pay attention with your successful posts and bank on it. Study on the statistics of your blog and what drives more traffic to your page. Consider the variables that may have affected the success of these posts, such as the popularity of the content.

Social media is the place where you can share your expertise and personality and build your reputation as a model with a wide audience. Whether you are searching for a break in your modeling career or you are just starting out the course, take part online and build a strong social media presence by shaping your social media platform, calibrating your contents, engaging and making connections and keeping your social media sites updated.

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