A Complete List of Types of Modeling Jobs in Manila

A Complete List of Types of Modeling Jobs in Manila

Modeling is a very competitive career. With so many amazing talents and beautiful faces in the Philippines, you need to step up your game and know your chances of landing a modeling job in the competitive business.

Manila is the top city in the Philippines for emerging models and this is where your modeling career should take off. However, being in the center of the modeling industry does not guarantee that you will be booked, you have to know the types of modeling jobs in the capital city so you can better understand the steps you need to take to advance in your modeling career.

Below is the complete list on the types of modeling jobs you can find in Manila as you begin to break in to the world of prestige and high fashion.

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 1. Commercial Models

Nowadays, commercialism becomes the bloodline of a country’s economy. From beauty products, fashion, automobiles, house goods to services and basic utilities and even health care, the need to persuade people to buy their product and use their services is extremely important to stay ahead of the stiff competition.  That makes commercial models directly proportional to business world whether in the Philippines or in any countries in the world.

Commercial models are hired to promote or sell a product or represent a service or company. It is the largest area of modeling that might include print ads or acting. The demand for commercial models is undeniably high especially in Manila which is the country’s nerve center for industry and commerce.

Commercial modeling has a room for everybody and currently, plus size models and child models for commercial modeling are also kicking off in the industry to cater different sizes of Filipinos in the real world.


The requirement for being a commercial model diversely varies according to the client’s needs. You don’t need to have striking facial features or height limits to become a commercial model, you can be just like anybody else in the planet, however, you must have the ability to express emotions and be photogenic.

Successful Commercial Models

Before she became the most powerful celebrity in the Philippines according to Forbes Asia, actress, singer and TV host Toni Gonzaga smoothly made her way to the show business industry with her Sprite TV advertisement. She was a commercial model who played the role of a student and yelled the famous line “I love you Piolo!” while buying a bottle of sprite in their school grounds.

Then there’s Nikki Gil who sang “Sana” while giving out coke to the passerby as she walked along the busy street side of Manila on her Coca Cola commercial, and of course, supermodel Georgina Wilson who used her Ponds commercial as her stepping stone to becoming one of the most sought after endorsers for various local and international brands.

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 2. Promotional Models

Manila is becoming one of the preferred places to hold trade shows and conventions. Being one of the seats of automotive industry in Southeast Asia, Philippines hold an annual show called The Manila International Motor Show for potential buyers and car enthusiasts. Aside from car shows, Manila also has one of the best convention centers in Asia to hold bazaars, expositions and trade fairs. Because of trade shows going on every now and then in Manila, the need to hire promotional models also increases.

Promotional Models, or booth models as widely known in the Philippines, are models responsible in drawing more crowds and potential customers on the products or services being promoted during a convention or trade show. Promotional models can also be spokesmodels, these are models hired either to speak in behalf of the client or represent the product itself so that consumers can identify the product by simply referring to the models associated to the brand.

In Manila as it is with the whole country, Spokesmodeling does not usually apply to novice models since Filipinos leave it up to high profile celebrities and personalities to do the spokesmodeling job as it creates more credibility to the public who are receptive to familiar faces in show business industry. Trade show and convention models however, creates a higher interest to aspiring models due to its growing demand.


Though physical requirements may vary according to the client’s preferences, in the Philippines, most trade show models must be attractive and generally tall. Of course they need to have excellent communication skills so they induce the crowd into buying their brands or services should there be a need to converse with the attendees of the show.

Successful Promotional Models

Jaja Bolivar is a Filipino American model who starred in Budweiser’s Super Bowl Commercial and was the original host of Adobo Nation, a lifestyle magazine show for The Filipino Channel. Before becoming a renowned commercial model abroad, Bicolano Jaja Bolivar was a spokesmodel and a trade show model. Lately, Jaja Bolivar was spotted in Pharell William’s music video “Come Get It Babe”.

From a car show model to a glamour model, another Filipina climbed her way from being a promodizer to MMA’s adorable ring girls. Now one of FHM columnist, Abby Poblador was crowned Miss Bumper to Bumper and 2009 Ms. Trans Port and was considered as one of the car show model veterans in the Philippines.

Paulene So is another trade show model making a name in the industry in the Philippines and in the neighboring countries. Dubbed as the queen of Manila, Paulene So is a booth model and a glamour model who recently appeared in the cover of Japanese based magazine, Club Filipina.

3. Fashion Models

Fashion models perform modeling for products and services mostly for photographic purposes. Fashion models in the Philippines basically appear in fashion magazines and editorials showing off particular type of fashion to the readers to create public interest.

Most established fashion models in Manila appear in local magazines like Metro, Garage magazine, Preview and Cosmopolitan magazine promoting beauty products, accessories or clothing from high end local designers. Although some companies prefer experienced models and celebrities to do the advertisement, newbies have equal opportunities to land a modeling job in the fashion industry.

As a fashion model in Manila, you are likely to appear in editorial magazines or in catalogues for fashion and cosmetics companies like SM GTW, Red Logo, Avon, Sophie Paris and Natasha.


If you want to become a fashion model, you have to meet certain requirements to make the cut. Physically, you have to be 18 to 27 years old, at least 5’3 in height and must be slender. You must also be willing to travel as your job may require different settings and environment and you must be amenable to working long hours.

Successful Fashion Models

Yassi Pressman who played the role of “Lorraine Keet”, the unsuspecting best friend of the leading actress Nadine Lustre in the movie “Diary Ng Panget”, had a long modeling career with Avon as a catalogue model for teen intimate wears before landing in the film. Her success to show business was rooted from her career as a print model of Avon, one of the world’s largest cosmetics company.

There are some fashion models who found their stardom in beauty pageants like Michelle Braun, Grendel Alvarado and Sandra Seifert.  And of course, the Philippines most successful models of all time, Anna Bayle, was also a fashion model and a runway model who did many editorial campaigns for international brands and high end fashion designers.

4. Runway/ Ramp Models

Runway models in the Philippines are commonly called as “ramp models”. These are the models you usually see in TV or in fashion shows walking in the ramp flashing clothes and accessories from well-known fashion designers.

 The most anticipated fashion show in the Philippines which happens bi-annually in Manila, The Philippine Fashion Week, is always searching for new faces every year to walk in the prestigious runway. The show serves as stepping stone for runway models to land an international modeling contract.  It is also the place where most aspiring models get discovered by talent agents and clients.

 It takes more than a pretty face to become a runway model. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance, aside from being tall and slender, but if you become a successful runway model, you are definitely one step closer to your dreams of working with the best fashion designers there is locally and globally.


 You should be at least 5’7 or more to become a runway model, and for men, at least 6’0. Unlike other countries, ramp models in the Philippines do not necessarily have to be too thin or anorexic; in fact, a healthy slender body is most recommendable as long as your weight must be proportional to your height.

If you want to become a ramp model, you must be willing to travel from one place to another, work in shifting schedules and long hours and attend many rehearsals. It has been reported that 12 hours a day is the average time frame a runway model has to deal with in a day. Of course, prerequisite to being a ramp model is your ability to glide gracefully in the runway in front of the audiences whether barefooted or in high heels.

Successful Ramp Models

The only Filipina to win the crown for Ford Supermodel of the World in 2011, Danica Magpantay, was a runway model who advanced to the world of supermodels after she was discovered during the Philippines Fashion Week while she was walking for Folded & Hung clothing brand.

Another supermodel who became an international sensation during the ‘70s, Tetta Agustin, was a fashion show producer and a runway model who walked for her own shows in Hyatt Regency before walking for walking for Givenchy, YSL and other renowned international fashion designers.

5. Glamour Models

Glamour modeling features sexy and alluring individuals modeling for calendars, men’s magazines, music videos or editorials which include wearing lingerie and bikini. They are known to be adult models who creatively portrait sexy and seductive looks in the photos.

Glamour models are depicted in erotic and exciting ways which may include nudity. Like commercial models, glamour models in the Philippines are one of the most sought- after individuals in the modeling industry to advertise mostly for alcoholic beverages and to be featured in Men’s Magazine and other glamour and lifestyle magazines like FHM.

Glamour modeling is a shortcut for most aspiring models who wants to get to the spotlight instantly and earn a huge amount of money. As easy as it might sound, glamour modeling is actually a very serious job. You need to be pay close attention to the details before getting into this kind of industry and make sure you are working with professionals.


To be a glamour model in the Philippines, you have to be pretty, tall and slender and must have a good figure who can act seductively in front of the camera. You need to be open- minded and you have to take pride of your body.

Successful Glamour Models

White Castle whiskey was a local whiskey brand known for delivering sensual calendars featuring glamour models and local celebrities to represent the brand. This brand helped actress Carmi Martin launched her career in the TV industry after modeling in White Castle whiskey as a calendar girl in 1984.

For the past few years, we have many glamour models who became successful TV personalities like Ara Mina, Carla Humphries, Ina Raymundo, Diana Zubiri and RR Enriquez.

Ina Raymundo was a model featured in San Miguel Beer’s TV advertisement, Sabado Nights before making waves in the Philippine TV. Diana Zubiri was a glamour model who was discovered in Japan as n entertainer at the age of 15. RR Enriquez was also a glamour model who became a dancer in the game show Wowowee before she landed a hosting career and TV series in ABS- CBN, a local TV network.

In the international glamour scene, there are also Filipinas who are on top of their game and one of them is Luana Lani. Luana Lani is a Filipina who became a successful glamour model in Los Angeles and became an internet sensation with her mature website. She also appeared in Playboy, Mystique magazine and other men’s magazines abroad.

 As an aspiring model, it is equally significant to be acquainted with the opportunities you have in the modeling world as it is with knowing what types of modeling job there is in the industry.  As you find yourself in Manila where opportunities abound, stay out in front and beat the competition by knowing where you stand and staying perceptive as to the kind modeling jobs there are in the market.

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