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4 Male Fashion Bloggers You Should Be Following

It’s not just women who are front-running the fashion industry. Men too are making their own name in the cutthroat world of fashion. For some of them, building an online profile is the best way to do it. To celebrate them, When in Manila rounded up a list of Pinoy male fashion bloggers who have… Read more »

Freelance Model

How to Launch a Career as a Freelance Model: Tips for Beginners

Getting a job in today’s world can be tough. Sometimes, you need to have an Atty. or Dr. in your name to get a decent nine-to-five. But thankfully, the working world isn’t all about prefixes and suffixes. For those whose best asset is their physical appearance, there’s an industry which they can market themselves to… Read more »


Filipino Designers That Are Shaking Up the Fashion Industry

Fashion is a global multibillion-dollar industry that holds so much power and influence. All over the world, it generates millions of jobs and stimulates many countries’ economies. Such a gigantic industry owes its global force to one of its pillars: designers. Without fashion designers and their precious creations, this multibillion-dollar global business would easily collapse. On… Read more »

Freelance Model

Powerful Runway-Approved Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for 2020

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and you haven’t picked yourself an outfit! Option paralysis? We’ve got your back, but these outfits won’t let you stay on the safe side. Wear the year 2020 to your date because why not? We’re ensuring killer, sophisticated, up-to-date, runway-approved outfits on this list. We don’t want your overthinking to… Read more »


#FaceOfEverBilena: EB’s First-Ever Online Model Search

Calling all beauty enthusiasts! Local cosmetic brand Ever Bilena is looking for their next beauty ambassador. If you have what it takes to be the #FaceOfEverBilena, you might just win P30,000, a modeling contract, and a whole year’s supply of Ever Bilena products! For more information, read on. Win P30k Cash, Modeling Contract, and Products… Read more »

Festival Queen

Monika Afable of Borongon Is Sinulog Festival Queen 2020

This year’s victor wasn’t a dancer. Monika Afable, 17, struggled during training, knowing that she was going up against experienced performers and one well-acclaimed ballerina. Hailing from Eastern Samar’s Tribu Rayhak, Monika was the youngest among the ten other festival queens.  “Inalay ko lang talaga lahat ng ginagawa ko kay Señor Sto. Niño,” Monika said…. Read more »


Phenomenal Filipino Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow Now

If you thought being a freethinking individual with exquisite sartorial taste is difficult if you live in the Philippines, here are significantly confident fashion bloggers that should inspire you. Our conservative society insists on blending in with the majority and conforming to a set of outdated rules. But what if you’re the type who seeks… Read more »

Fashion Trends

Style Forecast: Possible Fashion Trends to Emerge in 2020

The beginning of a new decade is upon us, and the styles and tastes of the current generation have ushered in a new wave of fresh pastiches based on nostalgic revivals. The style forecast is so unique that the year may become identifiable in future recreations by the media. A buttercup yellow leather jumper dress… Read more »


Make That Morena Skin Glow with These Style Tips

Fashion and beauty, especially in this generation’s sensibilities, have no rules. What’s considered important today is self-love. But flattering looks were created with a color palette and a specific aesthetic in mind. Colors especially are tricky to work with for the untrained eye. It’s even harder for sunkissed Filipinas. We all grew up discouraged to… Read more »


Why Your Makeup Doesn’t Last All Day and How to Make It Stick

A lot of us struggle with going home haggard and disheveled despite entering the office like a bombshell. All that makeup that got you late for work and it didn’t even last you till your last break! Did you invest in the right brands? Is your technique wrong? Should you try other products? Here’s why… Read more »

  • Complete List of Filipino International Male Beauty Pageant Winners

    Complete List of Filipino International Male Beauty Pageant Winners

    Gone are the days when women rule the world of pageantry because this century, the gents are changing the game as they enter the spotlight of beauty and brain competitions. Check out the names and faces of the Filipino male beauty pageant winners, who significantly made their mark in the four major male pageants in the… Read more »

  • The Most Eccentric Sunglasses Trends on the Streets

    The Most Eccentric Sunglasses Trends on the Streets

    More than an accessory, sunglasses are essentials not just for fashion savvy individuals, but basically for everyone. They provide protection to the eyes and help improve the eyesight of those who need corrective glasses. However. they can also blind you or obstruct your vision, depending on their kind. Nevertheless, they do have the capacity to transform you into a totally… Read more »

  • Vice Ganda’s Swimsuit Photos in Miami Go Viral

    Vice Ganda’s Swimsuit Photos in Miami Go Viral

    Vice Ganda conquered Miami, where he and his swimsuit photos which he posted online, became viral in a matter of days. His photos showing off his flawless long legs together with his brother Emma Vice spread like wild fire on Twitter and the hastag #viceinmiami became one of the top trends in social media. Vice Ganda, a… Read more »

  • Filipino Designer Crafts Masterpiece for Major Hollywood Film

    Filipino Designer Crafts Masterpiece for Major Hollywood Film

    Another Filipino designer is making wave in the Hollywood world of fashion design. Michael Cinco designed a costume for the sci-fi movie Jupiter Ascending starring Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum, which premiered early this year. Now based in Dubai, fashion designer Michael Cinco is a native from Catbalogan City, Samar, born in August 27, 1971. He… Read more »

  • The Many Faces of Cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao

    The Many Faces of Cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao

    With almost five million Facebook followers, Ani-Time host Alodia Gosiengfiao has every right to be called the Cosplay Queen of the Philippines. Alodia is one of the pioneers of cosplay in the country and she has been winning competitions in the Philippines and abroad. As an avid cosplayer, Alodia wants the mainstream media to embrace the art of… Read more »

  • 10 Must-Know Manila-Based Fashion Bloggers

    10 Must-Know Manila-Based Fashion Bloggers

    The twenty-first century brought on an evolution of fashion bloggers in the Philippines, who are becoming known as among the top trendsetters in the fashion and beauty industries. Filipinos, who are stylish and fashion savvy, look up to these bloggers for fashion inspiration. This is probably the reason their fashion blogs rank among the most popular blogs… Read more »

  • PNP Inspector Sofia Loren Deliu Joins Miss Earth Philippines 2015

    PNP Inspector Sofia Loren Deliu Joins Miss Earth Philippines 2015

    Another police beauty rocked the pageantry world this year in the person of police inspector Sofia Loren Deliu. Find out more about this Deputy Administrator and Supply Officer, who took the courage to follow the footsteps of Police Officer 2 Neil Perez who was crowned Mister International 2014 . Representing the city of Baguio, Police Inspector… Read more »

  • Top 5 All-Time Fashion Movies to Watch this Summer

    Top 5 All-Time Fashion Movies to Watch this Summer

    Sometimes, photos and videos are not enough to spur the fashion-savvy, who are always on the lookout for new fashion inspirations and this is where fashion movies come in.  However, there is more to movies than just fancy outfits, designer clothes and chic wardrobes. There are fashion tips, amazing information, heartwarming stories and comedy acts that will… Read more »

  • 5 of the Hottest Fashion Trends at the Manila Fashion Festival Fall 2015

    5 of the Hottest Fashion Trends at the Manila Fashion Festival Fall 2015

    Last month, the Manila Fashion Festival 2015 hit the runway with couture cuts, feminine frocks, tailored clothes and colorful gowns from the country’s leading fashion designers. With so many beautiful creations displayed on the ramp, it would be so hard to stay focused on the common denominators local designers want to go big this year,… Read more »

  • Is Jinkee Pacquiao the Next Big Pinay Fashion Icon?

    Is Jinkee Pacquiao the Next Big Pinay Fashion Icon?

    An ordinary fashion consultant in Filmark Mall turned commercial model and fashion inspiration, Jinkee Pacquiao has truly gone a long way to become one of the country’s greatest fashion inspirations. Belo endorser and wife of the country’s biggest pride in the boxing arena, Manny Pacquiao, Jinkee shows us her subtle fashion choices and impeccable style… Read more »

  • 3 Filipino Models Just Joined Cycle 3 of Asia's Next Top Model

    3 Filipino Models Just Joined Cycle 3 of Asia’s Next Top Model

    Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 premiered on March 25, 2015. Now on its third week, the competition is getting more interesting after one Filipina model became the photo shoot winner on the first episode and fell into the bottom two on the second episode. And yet another Filipina showed hints of becoming one of the strongest contenders, while the… Read more »

  • Ten of the Top Makeup Artists in the Philippines

    Ten of the Top Makeup Artists in the Philippines

    In the modeling industry, you will be working with different crews like fashion designers, hair stylists and makeup artists. Regardless of whether you are new or already a pro in the business, you need to work with these people. They they will help you achieve a perfect modeling portfolio, which will work as your passport into the industry…. Read more »