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4 Male Fashion Bloggers You Should Be Following

It’s not just women who are front-running the fashion industry. Men too are making their own name in the cutthroat world of fashion. For some of them, building an online profile is the best way to do it. To celebrate them, When in Manila rounded up a list of Pinoy male fashion bloggers who have… Read more »

Freelance Model

How to Launch a Career as a Freelance Model: Tips for Beginners

Getting a job in today’s world can be tough. Sometimes, you need to have an Atty. or Dr. in your name to get a decent nine-to-five. But thankfully, the working world isn’t all about prefixes and suffixes. For those whose best asset is their physical appearance, there’s an industry which they can market themselves to… Read more »


Filipino Designers That Are Shaking Up the Fashion Industry

Fashion is a global multibillion-dollar industry that holds so much power and influence. All over the world, it generates millions of jobs and stimulates many countries’ economies. Such a gigantic industry owes its global force to one of its pillars: designers. Without fashion designers and their precious creations, this multibillion-dollar global business would easily collapse. On… Read more »

Freelance Model

Powerful Runway-Approved Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for 2020

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and you haven’t picked yourself an outfit! Option paralysis? We’ve got your back, but these outfits won’t let you stay on the safe side. Wear the year 2020 to your date because why not? We’re ensuring killer, sophisticated, up-to-date, runway-approved outfits on this list. We don’t want your overthinking to… Read more »


#FaceOfEverBilena: EB’s First-Ever Online Model Search

Calling all beauty enthusiasts! Local cosmetic brand Ever Bilena is looking for their next beauty ambassador. If you have what it takes to be the #FaceOfEverBilena, you might just win P30,000, a modeling contract, and a whole year’s supply of Ever Bilena products! For more information, read on. Win P30k Cash, Modeling Contract, and Products… Read more »

Festival Queen

Monika Afable of Borongon Is Sinulog Festival Queen 2020

This year’s victor wasn’t a dancer. Monika Afable, 17, struggled during training, knowing that she was going up against experienced performers and one well-acclaimed ballerina. Hailing from Eastern Samar’s Tribu Rayhak, Monika was the youngest among the ten other festival queens.  “Inalay ko lang talaga lahat ng ginagawa ko kay Señor Sto. Niño,” Monika said…. Read more »


Phenomenal Filipino Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow Now

If you thought being a freethinking individual with exquisite sartorial taste is difficult if you live in the Philippines, here are significantly confident fashion bloggers that should inspire you. Our conservative society insists on blending in with the majority and conforming to a set of outdated rules. But what if you’re the type who seeks… Read more »

Fashion Trends

Style Forecast: Possible Fashion Trends to Emerge in 2020

The beginning of a new decade is upon us, and the styles and tastes of the current generation have ushered in a new wave of fresh pastiches based on nostalgic revivals. The style forecast is so unique that the year may become identifiable in future recreations by the media. A buttercup yellow leather jumper dress… Read more »


Make That Morena Skin Glow with These Style Tips

Fashion and beauty, especially in this generation’s sensibilities, have no rules. What’s considered important today is self-love. But flattering looks were created with a color palette and a specific aesthetic in mind. Colors especially are tricky to work with for the untrained eye. It’s even harder for sunkissed Filipinas. We all grew up discouraged to… Read more »


Why Your Makeup Doesn’t Last All Day and How to Make It Stick

A lot of us struggle with going home haggard and disheveled despite entering the office like a bombshell. All that makeup that got you late for work and it didn’t even last you till your last break! Did you invest in the right brands? Is your technique wrong? Should you try other products? Here’s why… Read more »

  • How to Build a Social Media Presence for Models

    How to Build a Social Media Presence for Models

    In the modeling industry, clients look for talents with strong social media presence and models with many followers to roll out their campaign. At the same time, they use social media platforms to discover fresh faces and competent individuals to represent their brand, thus it is very important that as you go forward with your modeling… Read more »

  • Top 5 Binibining Pilipinas Fashion Moment banner

    5 Stunning Fashion Moments at the 2015 Binibining Pilipinas

    After more than a month, the Binibining Pilipinas 2015 beauty pageant still floods the Internet with flashy photos and everybody is still talking about it, especially fashion enthusiasts who can’t get over the parade of stylish gowns and suits during the coronation night. So, let’s go back to the fateful night of the biggest pageant… Read more »

  • A Complete List of Types of Modeling Jobs in Manila

    A Complete List of Types of Modeling Jobs in Manila

    Modeling is a very competitive career. With so many amazing talents and beautiful faces in the Philippines, you need to step up your game and know your chances of landing a modeling job in the competitive business. Manila is the top city in the Philippines for emerging models and this is where your modeling career… Read more »